Special Education Department Adventure Week

The Special Education department usually look forward to ending the year with a week-long camp in Rotorua. This year, however, was not the usual year and we had to come up with an alternative. The result was a "What we Can't Do in Rotorua - Camp Week!". We did activities and went on excursions on our own doorstep in Auckland and it was fantastic!

Some of the students set foot on the snow for the first time ever when we went to Snowplanet. We spent the day enjoying the Winter Wonderland and sped down the slopes on tubes.


The Whale and Dolphin Cruise was a highlight for many. We were rewarded by being accompanied by a pod of Common Dolphins playing around the boat, and a few Bryde's Whales in the distance.


Chelsea Sugar Factory was something we wanted to do for a long time and we had the opportunity this week. We donned pink hard hats and reflective gear and went through the factory. The mountain of sugar was quite fascinating and we baked chocolate chip cookies which we took home to share with the whanau (or not, because some disappeared before home time!). 


Many students (and staff) overcame their fear of heights when we walked across the Auckland Harbour Bridge. The students amazed us by how brave they were.


Check out these photo albums for all the action!

Day 1 - Snowplanet:
Day 2 - Whale and Dolphin Cruise:
Day 3 - Chelsea Sugar Factory:
Day 4 - Harbour Bridge Walk:
Day 5 - Christmas Party and Farewell:

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