Special Ed Students Getting the Garden Ship Shape!

The start of every new year means a busy few weeks getting the garden into shape - pulling weeds, preparing the soil and getting seedlings into the ground.


Our students are working closely with the tuckshop to identify and grow produce that that the Tuckshop can use in their menu. They have already planted silverbeet, parsley, spring onions and red and green cabbage.

Plans are underway to broaden the vegetables grown particularly tomatoes, chillies, cucumber and courgettes when in season and for the development of a full herb garden.


The garden is a such a great resource for our students who can learn some work skills, perseverance, team work and the understanding of caring for the environment.


I know the team in the garden would welcome any spare seedlings, seeds or garden items such as that, that you may have going spare at your place.

Feel free to pop into the Special Ed department on the St Leonard's Rd side of the school in the old school library brick building and drop off any resources you would like to donate for their gardening projects or phone the team on 09 489 4167 ext 9617 or email Michele at [email protected]

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