Massey University STEM Day

Every year, Massey University graciously opens its doors to high school students from all over the North Shore to spend a day on its campus. This year, eleven Takapuna Grammar School students were given a taste of different lectures at Massey University’s STEM day. Engineering and Ecology are just two of the many subjects that were made available. The interesting presentations and physical work that came with these lectures allowed the students to experience university life first-hand.

With one and a half years of high school left, these TGS students eagerly participated in hope of finding their passions. In the engineering course, students were taught simple coding that programmed robots to move in different directions. They were shown presentations of projects that they would undertake during engineering courses at Massey University.

Some TGS students attended a Biology and Genetics lecture where they were given the opportunity to extract their own DNA from cheek cells that they had collected. Another attended an Information Technology lecture that focused on the design and development of apps. These small snippets contributed greatly towards the students’ future career decisions.

"What an amazing opportunity,"said Maddie Yamaguchi, a student who attended the day, "it really broadened my view of all the career options available. I am so grateful to have been able to go, and would definitely recommend that other students attend if given the chance."


By Lin Li Yeoh

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