Student BOT Representative elected - Emma Mason

Congratulation to Year 12 Emma Mason who has been elected by her peers as the new student Board of Trustee Student Representative.

Here is Emma's pitch to her fellow students pre-election:

"Hi, my name is Emma Mason and I would love the opportunity to present to you, as your student representative, on the Board of Trustees. I have committed myself to a broad range of school life, being involved in netball and many co-curricular clubs, as well as being a Kaha house leader and a member of PDAT. I am driven and motivated to achieve my goals, allowing me to fight for what I believe in. I consistently work to the best of my ability to overcome challenges and become the best version of myself. My past leadership experience has taught me the responsibility of creating a vision and inspiring those around me. I have also learnt how to use communication skills to help me convey messages and achieve my goals but most importantly, to listen to others. I have endless passion and pride for our school and believe that I have the determination to make TGS a better place for every student. One of the groups I have been involved with, during my time at TGS, is the Student Consultation Group. This group meets with Mrs Nixon to convey feedback and new ideas, as a way of improving each student’s schooling experience. This group, particularly, has taught me to make use of my voice so I can make a difference, and as your student representative, I vow to continue doing this. I am open-minded and always willing to hear from a variety of perspectives, to come to a consensus of what is best for the students of our school. I want to listen to your suggestions and hear your opinions on how we can ensure that everyone feels that our school allows them to reach their full potential. Especially with the disruptions we have faced this year, we are all well aware of how challenging and daunting the world can be. This creates a further reason for each student to feel as if our school is a place where they can learn, grow and belong. I would love the privilege to be that voice that makes our school a better place for each of us. As your student representative, I would demonstrate my dedication to making sure our voice is heard and that the power of our generation is recognised. I will ensure that each decision, made by the board, considers your voice and feedback and I can promise you my commitment in doing that".


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