Tech Ninjas learning new tricks in the classroom

On Thursday the 9th of May our Year 9 students attended the TGS Tech Ninjas Training Camp that was held across various modern learning spaces recently opened inside the main block. Guest speaker Ben Liebert, an alumnus of TGS who is the founder of Blackball Software, started the day with an exciting presentation. He explained the importance of developing digital and computational thinking skills at school; developing the attributes and passions they will need for future employers.

In order to improve student-teacher interaction in classes, faculties and staff facilitators prepared six different sessions using tools such as Google Site, Google Calendar, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Drive and the KAMAR app; assessing database in the library, and searching efficiently and effectively on-line. These tools will further enhance students’ learning, planning and contents development in their secondary education and beyond.


Another successful day had by all with a lot of interaction, open eyes and minds. And hopefully these junior students have now been given some more learning tools to add to their education artillery! 

-Anthony Kwan - Communities of Learning Digital Curricular

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