Year 12 Geographers tackle the Tongariro Crossing

Bright and early on Saturday 18 March, just under 100 Year 12 Geographers headed down the country to National Park to learn more about the Tongariro Volcanic Centre and carry out some geographic research. After not being able to make the trek down here in 2022 due to Covid protocols, it was great to have this trip underway again.


The weather on Sunday was fantastic and perfect Tongariro crossing conditions. 94 students traversed the full distance of 19.4km from Mangatepopo Valley to Ketetahi Springs in about 7 hours with minimal complaint! Year 12 Geography students have been learning about the natural processes here all Term 1 so it was helpful to then be able to physically experience the environment we had discussed in depth in class.


On Sunday, students rallied their tired feet to go out to collect some primary data for a 5 credit geographic research project. They were broken into groups and were each tasked with investigating differences in stream velocity, stream cross section and vegetation characteristics between an upper and lower site on the flanks of Mt Ruapehu. We then headed back to our accommodation where the afternoon was spent presenting their data. After 2 days of great weather, it finally turned on Monday as we departed back for TGS.


Overall, this was a fantastic and highly educational trip to a unique landscape and it was a wonderful reminder about how lucky we are to live and study in this stunning country.


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