L2 Geography Field Trip - Tongariro National Park

On Saturday 27th March, Level 2 Geography students embarked on an adventure to Tongariro National Park. On this four day field trip, students first endured the 19.4km long, world famous Tongariro crossing. We were lucky that the conditions on the Sunday were perfect to complete this day walk with little wind, a few glimpses of bluebird skies and no rain. Completing the crossing gave students the opportunity to see real life examples of Tongariro Volcanic Centre landforms and natural processes at work that they have been studying in class for their 2.1 external.

Monday was all about collecting data for their 2.5 internal assessment with students carrying out field work tests to show the differences in stream velocity, stream cross-sections and vegetation characteristics at an upper and lower site of the Whakapapa river on Mt Ruapehu. The weather on this day was much more misty and drizzly but like true Geographers, our Level 2 students did not let this deter them and completed their research despite the conditions. Students made a quick stop at the National Park visitors centre on Tuesday, to understand how humans have modified the Tongariro Volcanic Centre over time before we travelled home.

Overall another fantastic and highly educational trip to this wonderful landscape and another reminder about how lucky we are to live and study in this wonderful backyard of yours....Aotearoa! 

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