Special Education Field Trip - Trees for Survival Planting Day

Trees for Survival are a charitable trust which promotes the growing and planting of native trees to help control soil erosion. By encouraging organisations to sponsor and support school students in tending tree seedlings and planting them out on eroding land, the programme brings communities together to protect New Zealand's soil and water resources.

Rotary provides support to the programme throughout New Zealand. The usual pattern is that a supporting organisation, such as a Rotary club arranges sponsorship of a plant growing unit a special shade house at a school. The students grow native plants from seedlings to a plantable age of about 12 months. Each unit can grow up to 1,500 plants per year.

This year the Special Education Department had their planting day on the 30th April. Volunteers from neighboring farms, representatives of Auckland Council and the landowners Dave and Wendy participated.

The site was not too steep and the students did well with the muddy land, planting a variety of indigenous seedlings. The mix included cabbage tree, flax and manuka that students had raised from the tiniest of seedlings.

On the day the pupils were able to see the healthy and established seedlings which were planted last year and see just how quickly projects like these landowners revegetate erosion prone land, improve stream flow and water quality and increase biodiversity.

A special thank you to the property owners for their generous hospitality as well as the members of the Rotary Club for their endless support with supplying the soil to grow these plants and the great team from Auckland Council.


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