Writing success for Daniel Twine

Daniel Twine in year 9 has won the 13-18 year old category of the Paradox Books Lockdown Writing Competition. His poem on the theme "In ten years time" wins him a $50 Paradox books voucher and will be published in the Devonport Flagstaff. We commend Daniel for his success and look forward to seeing more of his writing in the future.

In ten years time,
The trees will still flourish
The birds will still chirp
And the sun will still entice us out to play

In ten years time,
The grass will still grow
The water will still run
And clouds will still grow dark before it rains

In ten years time,
The spring will still create new life
The autumn will still leave trees bare
And winter will still chill us while the summer will still warm us

In ten years time,
Nature will carry on
Nature will support us when we need it
For nature doesn’t grow wrinkles as time goes on

In ten years time,
One thing will be clear to us
Nature doesn’t need humans
Humans need nature

-Daniel Twine
Year 9


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