Year 10's explore Rangitoto Island's Lava Caves & Summit

On Wednesday 11 August, three of the year 10 classes went to Rangitoto Island for a multi-department school trip involving Heath, Science and English learning objectives. We met at the ferry terminal at 8:50am before departing on a charted ferry to Rangitoto Island. Once we arrived at the island we split up into our class groups and headed up the volcano. Half of the groups went to the lava caves first, the others to the summit. We went to the summit first and had lunch at the top.


We had a look at the massive crater and looked out towards Devonport peninsula, the city, and the outer islands that are usually hidden behind Rangitoto. At the top, there was a small quail running around that looked just as happy to be at the summit as we were.


Once we had finished the crater walk, we went down towards the lava caves. We all met up by the buried shed. Once we got to the caves, there were 3 that you could go all the way through and one blocked cave that you could only slightly go through. One of the caves was really long and tall which took a bit longer to get through. After we had gone through all the caves, we headed back down to the wharf for a group photo. We then got on the ferry and went home.


We all had a great experience out amongst nature exploring Auckland's iconic landscape feature and just taking in what a beautiful city it is we live in. We wish the the other six classes going on Thursday and Friday all the best on their field trip days too.....take notes and photo's for your follow-up classwork and leave only footprints!


Report by Anna Stevenson and Photography by Tamir Saeed Mohamed (Year 10 students)

To view more photos from the day, please click here.  


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