Year 11 Geography Field Trip - Mt Tarawera

On Thursday 9 & Friday 10 June, our Year 11 Geography students travelled down to Rotorua to explore their volcanic eruption case study of Mt Tarawera. This was auspicious timing as it coincided with the 136th anniversary of the June 10, 1886 eruption. The purpose of our field trip was to better understand the impacts this volcanic eruption had on the natural and cultural environment and to investigate ways that people responded to this event.

While in Rotorua, students visited three locations. To understand the cultural impacts and responses of people, we visited Te Wairoa, an excavated village that was buried by up to 1.5m of ashfall during the 1886 eruption. To understand the natural impacts, students walked through Waimangu Valley which is a geothermal area of 11 craters that was created during this eruption. Finally, students were due to go up Mt Tarawera in 4WDs to witness the site of the eruption but unfortunately, due to bad weather, only one group was able to make the ascent. However, the group that managed to make it up there had a great time running down the scree slope and venturing into the 350m crater of Mt Tarawera. As a result of the bad weather, Group 2 had to make do with exploring some more of Rotorua's geothermal areas and went to Te Puia which is home to the Southern hemisphere's tallest geyser.

Overall, this trip provided Geography students with excellent experiential knowledge of their case study environment and was enjoyed by all. A big thank you to the students that attended who impressed staff at all venues with their participation, positive attitudes and interest in the environment.  


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