Year 9 Enrolment 2019

Takapuna Grammar School welcomes applications from both in zone and out of zone students for Year 9 in 2019.

Please read the document "Enrolment Information Year 9 2019" to learn about Year 9 at Takapuna Grammar School and the enrolment process for in zone and out of zone students.  This guide is your first stop for information about our enrolment scheme, the Year 9 course, co-curricular opportunities, term dates, BYOD policies, uniform and more.

Important Dates for 2019 Year 9 Enrolment

The Online Enrolment Form

All applications for enrolment, both in zone and out of zone, are submitted using the online Enrolment Form. 

Before proceeding to the online Enrolment Form:

1. Read the Policies and Agreements:

It is a condition of enrolment that the enrolling student and their parent/caregiver read the following policies and agreements in preparation for agreeing to the terms as listed on the online Enrolment Form:

Digital Citizenship Policy

Responsible Use of ICT Agreement

Blanket Consent for EOTC

2.    Decide on Year 9 Course Options 

Students must indicate their Year 9 course options during the online application process.  All students must choose two languages (plus a third language as back-up) and some students may wish to apply for extension or support options.  Students may seek advice and finalise their course options at the August enrolment interview evenings.

An overview of course options is provided in the Enrolment Information Year 9 2019 document, with more detailed information included in the Year 9 Course Information booklet below. 

2019 Year 9 Course Information

2019 Year 9 Sports Institute Application

2019 Online Music Information Sheet (for students applying for Music Extension AND students with any prior music experience)

3.    Complete the online Medical Information Form

Online Medical Information Form 

4.    Prepare the documents to be uploaded via the online Enrolment Form (refer to Form for further details) 

  • Copy of the student’s most recent school report
  • Copy of the student’s proof of identity and entitlement to a state education
  • Proof of in zone address (in zone applicants only)

We look forward to receiving your application and meeting you soon. 

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