International Students

Takapuna Grammar School welcomes applications from students at all levels to become international students. At present there are students from throughout the world studying at the school. They come for a first class education and also to take advantage of the other sporting and cultural opportunities that Takapuna Grammar School offers.

The school has:

  • A long tradition of first class academic results
  • A superb geographical setting and grounds
  • Excellent facilities for sports and cultural pursuits
  • Easy access to downtown Auckland City
  • Quality homestays in an area of Auckland known for its safe environment 
  • An international department which provides a full range of pastoral support 


While they are in New Zealand most of our international students will be living in a local homestay. They could also be with their parents or with someone who has been designated as their caregiver, usually a close relative (a DCG). Students may NOT live alone, or in accommodation shared with friends, even if they are over 18. Living in a homestay is highly recommended as it gives students support and the opportunity to experience the New Zealand lifestyle.

Living in a Homestay

Homestays are organised through the International Department who visit and interview prospective host families. Most homestays are just a short bus trip or a walk from school. The local community is a very safe and clean area, with access to beaches, parks, malls and also just a short ferry ride across the Waitemata Harbour to the Auckland CBD.

There is a great effort made to match international students to the most appropriate family and often strong bonds are made and students stay in touch with their host families for the rest of their lives. The students become more independent, adaptable and confident in their conversational English and ability to live and study in a different culture.

Click here for our Homestay House Expectations document.

Students are provided with:

Living and studying in New Zealand

Your guide for living in New Zealand; here are some helpful tips:

Host Families Required

"The students we have hosted have embraced us as their host family and the kiwi way of life. For us, that's been a win-win to know more."

"Spending two years - IB time in Takapuna Grammar School, I have gained not only knowledge but also happiness and the ability to think. In this school, where many students are from different countries, I now understand about cultural diversity, and have learnt to be tolerant, to share and to accept. Through participating in school trips and camps, I have acquired academic knowledge as well as practical and collaborative skills. I will cherish all of my experience in TGS."

「在Takapuna Grammar School 学习的两年时间里,我不仅获得了知识,更拥有了轻松愉悦的学习生活和独立思考的能力。在这样一个有着来自不同文化的学生的学校里,我深切的体会到了文化的多样性,也学会了包容和分享。丰富多样的课外活动和实践学习,我不仅学到了知识,更获得了实践能力和合作能力。 在TGS学习的时间是值得珍藏一生的回忆。」Stephanie: Kunming, China

Are you interested in hosting one of our International Students? We have students both long-term and short-term requiring kind, caring host families. For further information please contact [email protected] or telephone 09 489-4167 extension 9226. 

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