Principal's Welcome


Welcome to Takapuna Grammar School. This school is a big, diverse family and we value each student’s uniqueness. The school has a strong academic focus with two world class qualification pathways available. New Zealand’s NCEA and the International Baccalaureate are both broad learning platforms that provide excellent opportunities for students to achieve their personal best and pursue a wide range of tertiary study and career pathways.

There is a vast array of ways to participate in and outside the classroom that develop a sense of belonging, foster collaboration and further advantage every student to develop a wide range of skills and qualities for success in today’s world. Teachers are students and students are teachers now and the positive relationships between them help make school even more enjoyable.

We are living in exciting times for education as we prepare our students to be the best they can be in their academic and all round development. We want each individual to thrive in our fast changing world where there is more knowledge than ever before in history, more global connectedness and a blurring of previously defined boundaries such as those associated with trading and socialising.

There are opportunities for a wide variety of talents to take advantage of this and make a significant positive contribution to our community and further afield.

Mary Nixon
Takapuna Grammar Schoo

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