Takapuna Grammar School fosters collaboration in many different ways. Strong values and people skills are important for success and being able to mix easily with a diverse range of other people helps our students appreciate their own talents and those of others.

Year 9 Camp

All our Year 9 students enjoy an annual end of year camp. They participate in outdoor activities building confidence and making friends.

Special Education Camp

Takapuna Grammar School has a Special Education Unit. Students undertake personalised learning programmes both in the main school and in specialised classes. We value diversity and individuality. When people mix with others who have a wide range of needs it helps everyone to learn to understand each other better and builds empathy, tolerance, resilience and humility.

International End of Year Programme

Takapuna Grammar School encourages the internationalisation of staff and students. We want our people to appreciate, contribute to and thrive while living in a global world. We welcome over 200 students who come from 38 or more countries around the world to attend our school. They teach us about their cultures and we teach them ours. We have fun together and increase our knowledge about important world issues. We care about the world locally and globally and want to help make it better.

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