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Pou Blessing

On Wednesday 31 May 2023, the school held a whakawātea (blessing) for our new pou. The newly installed whanau house art installations were designed by renowned Contemporary Māori and Tāmoko artist Ben Thomason (Tainui Waka) pictured below.

The purpose of these displays, which are located around the Student Services Courtyard is to further enhance bi-culturalism, engage our students and promote school culture and house pride. The lights are on display 24 hours a day and can be altered to suit occasions such as Waitangi Day and Matariki. We welcome you to come and view the Pou after school hours. Once the sun has set they take on an amazing glow brightening up this once dimly lit area. We look forward to featuring them in our annual Matariki celebration of light and stars.


School House Definitions

KAHA (Whero Lighting): Strength/Might

KAHA_Light_DesignKaha is the inner strength of a person or being. The idea of Kaha is that it is the physical showcase of one's ideas. To be strong of mind and strong of body is showcased through academics and sporting achievement. Kaha is composed using repeating Mango Pare (strength symbol) patterns. The Mango Pare symbol is based on the strength of the hammerhead shark and thus it takes on the form of that shark. The repeated use of the Mango Pare is to show the diversity in the student’s strengths. 

IHI (Kōwhai Lighting): Essential Force

IHI_Light_DesignThe Ihi pou is derived from the idea of one's inner power, (a force unmatched) - the inner drive within a student to achieve one's desires. Ihi is composed of two popular Māori patterns, Puhoro (for growth and change) and Manawa (the inner flow of energy). These two patterns stem from the middle outward to link a student's journey from the Kura to the world. 

MANA (Waiporoporo Lighting): Divine Essence

MANA_Light_DesignMana is the power within all things; it is the life essence and unexplainable connection between all things. It can be earned and it can be lost. Mana is composed of three main manawa lines down the middle. This is to demonstrate the idea that Mana is a gift from some higher power. It is with us in the past, present and future, however, the forms of which are unknown. Surrounding these three manawa lines are puhoro patterns to showcase change and growth. Just like the puhoro pattern, Mana can change and grow within the students over time based on actions and outcomes. 

MĀIA (Kahurangi Lighting): Courage

MAIA_Light_DesignMāia comes from one's courage, both physically and mentally. The idea is that a student’s 'Māia' is a driving force to overcome the challenges one faces in life. Māia is composed of a modern version of Mango Pare (symbol of strength), the Mango Pare forms a hammerhead shark-like shape. The idea that Māia can come from strength but also so much more than physical strength is why the pou uses longer versions of the hammer head-like shape. The flow comes from the middle and outwards to show the shift of a student’s Māia as they go through life. 

WEHI (Kakariki Lighting): Reactional Force

WEHI_Light_DesignWehi is caused as a reaction to one's Ihi. Equal and opposite to Ihi, Wehi is the inner response to situations and outcomes. It helps shape and grows one's abilities. It's said that we learn as much from a mistake and we do the correct answer. If so, then Wehi is just that. Wehi is composed of downward puhoro patterns to show the equal and opposite force Wehi takes against Ihi. The pou helps balance the rest. 

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