Fees, Uniform and Stationery

Donation and Fees Payment

To find out more information about our school donation and fees including the itemised breakdown, internet banking details and other payment instructions, click here. Payment can be made from:

  • Kindo online shop
  • direct credit to the school's bank account number
  • by visiting the school Finance Office
  • or through automatic payment. You are welcome to contact the Finance office on ext 9288 and we can advise on the amount to cover your student's cost for the year.

To find out how simple it is to gift your donation tax rebate back to the school, click here.

*A reminder parents can log in through the Kamar Portal at any time to see what charges are current for their student(s).

Kindo Online Shopping

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Finance Office Hours for Students

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Uniform and Stationery Shop Hours

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Workbook and Stationery Purchases

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Naming uniform and other belongings

We encourage students to put their name on everything they bring to school. A large amount of students' belongings is mislaid, but much of it is handed in at the Student Services Centre and will be advertised via the Daily Notices. If they are named, items can be promptly reunited with the owner. ALL uniform (including shoes), bus cards, stationery, pencil cases - anything and everything that comes to school should be clearly named. 

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