Curriculum Delivery

The curriculum delivery of a school is the construction of a series of discrete and structured learning opportunities that enable teaching and learning to occur.

The Takapuna Grammar School curriculum reflects the school’s values and the qualities expected of the Takapuna Grammar School learner. It is based on the principles of:

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Learning Context

The curriculum consists of an amalgam of learning contexts. These include: 

  • Learning Areas (subjects)
  • Co-Curricular Opportunities
  • Student Support Structures
  • The Culture, Ceremonies and Traditions of the school.

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Takapuna Grammar School Teaching and Learning Charter

  • Recognise the Takapuna Grammar School values and the attributes of the Takapuna Grammar School learner
  • Be based on the principles of high expectations, recognition of the Treaty of Waitangi, cultural diversity, inclusion, learning to learn, community engagement, coherence and future focuses to deliver the New Zealand Curriculum Learning Areas

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The Takapuna Grammar School Learner

Takapuna Grammar seeks to produce a life-long learner who is:

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The Takapuna Grammar School Teaching and Learning Pedagogy KCRS

The Learning Behaviours of a Takapuna Grammar School Student: Behaviours are "how" students learn. The behaviours needed by a Takapuna Grammar School student to become a life-long-learner are:

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The Teaching Behaviours of a Takapuna Grammar School teacher

All teachers at Takapuna Grammar should be seeking to:

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The Key Competencies

People use these competencies to live, learn, work, and contribute as active members of their communities. More complex than skills, the competencies draw also on knowledge, attitudes, and values in ways that lead to action. They are not separate or stand-alone. They are the key to learning in every learning area.

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