What is NCEA

National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA)

The National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) is the official secondary school qualification in New Zealand. It was phased in between 2002 and 2004, replacing three older secondary school qualifications. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) administers NCEA.

NCEA is recognised by employers, and used for selection by universities and polytechnics, both in New Zealand and overseas. 

NZQA Fees and Financial Assistance 2019

Fees must be paid to the school. 

  • The fees for domestic students, $76.70 for all NCEA standards and $30.00 per Scholarship subject.
  • The fees for International students, $383.30 for all NCEA standards and $102.20 per Scholarship subject.

Please email any queries to: Mary Hutton, Principal’s Nominee [email protected].

Applicants seeking financial assistance with NZQA fees should download the Application for Financial Assistance.

University Entrance Requirements update

University Entrance (UE) is the minimum requirement to go to a New Zealand university. To qualify you will need:

University Requirements Resources 

NCEA Guide App

NZQA has launched a new mobile app called NCEA Guide, aimed at parents, whānau and employers. The app provides quick and easy access to key information about NCEA and how it works. In addition, it offers advice for parents and whānau on how they can support family members who are studying towards NCEA.

Employers seeking to understand and evaluate NCEA graduates and their qualifications may find the app useful.

The NCEA Guide App is free to download from Apple App Store or Google Play.

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