2023 NZQA Scholarship Results

2023 was another very successful academic year for Takapuna Grammar School students, which is highlighted by our Scholarship results. In total 41 students were awarded 58 Scholarships (including 5 Outstanding) across 20 subjects.

Congratulations to the following students on their outstanding results.

Scholarship Award Winners

Sofia Drew - English (Outstanding), Art History, Media Studies, Classical Studies
Margo Pettitt - English (Outstanding), Art History, Media Studies, Photography
Hugo Dixon-Hall - Art History, Media Studies, Painting
Olivia Priddy - English, History, Media Studies
Alisa Howden - Classical Studies, English
Pearl Nicholson - Accounting, Statistics
Dylan Shearer - Calculus, Economics
Geri Sherlock - Design, Photography
Connor Walter - English, Media Studies
Tom Talbot – English, Music
Francheska Cruz – English, Media Studies
Lily Jones - Design (Outstanding)
Maia Madsen Brough – Design (Outstanding)
Natia Tsulaia – English (Outstanding)
Laura Bolton - Design
Eleanor Brown - English
Jiwon Choi - Painting
Ai Innes-Mills - Painting
Isabel Jervis - Design
Grayson Luce - Painting
Samuel McKibbin - Design and Visual Communication
Jaimiee Nimmo - Media Studies
Cecilia Pessina - Design and Visual Communication
Maria Sagripanti - Spanish
Marcus Snashall - Technology
Sophie Spooner - English
Hugo Sweetman - Health & Physical Education
Rose Thatcher – Design
Bill An – English
Ben Bowen – English
Mio Iwai Wong – Japanese
Audrey Melhuish – English
Zara Nelson – English
Aimee Rumball – English
Scarlett Somerville-Ryan – English
Dingding Wang – Chinese
Mila White – English
Gavin Wu – English
Ayaka Yamaguchi – Japanese
Nuan Yang - Chemistry
Madeleine Turner - English

Sofia Drew (2023 Dux of TGS)

Margot Pettitt (2023 Summa Cum Laude joint winner)

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